Dr Mpatsios Paris | Dermatologist - Venereologist



Πάρις Μπάτσιος | Δερματολόγος - Αφροδιοσολόγος


Mpatsios Paris/ Dermatologist-Venereologist/ MD, PHD School of Medicine AUTH/ Military Doctor

The doctor was born in Riakia Pieria, where he finished his primary education. In Katerini, he continued his studies in high school (1ST Boys’ School) and he completed his education in Thessaloniki (Toumpa) where he graduated. He took the entrance examinations and he was accepted in the Military School of Combat Support (MSCSO), School of Medicine, from where he graduated as a Second Lieutenant MD. As a military doctor, according to his rank evaluation, he served in small and big units of health service in Didimoticho, Komotini, Larisa and Thessaloniki, where he retired.

As a Dermatologist, he was trained in the University Clinic of the Dermatological and Veneral Diseases Hospital in Thessaloniki. With the end of his training he completed his doctoral thesis on the “Benign Lymphocyte Filtration of Jessner-Kanof”.

He was chosen as the first Greek Dermatologist trained in botulinum toxin (BOTOX) with the intention of making it known in Greece. His first training took place in England under the supervision of Dr Patrick Bowler and the second one under Dr Nicolas Lowe.

He is an active participant in congresses concerning classic and cosmetic Dermatology, in Greece and abroad.

He is a member of the Hellenic Society of Dermatology and Venereology, the European Society (EADV) as well as other relevant organizations as the Hellenic and European Dermoscopy Society.